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A CISO faces many challenges when working with cybersecurity. In this guide, we present three articles that teach you about:

  • Laws you should be aware of
  • Security risks you should avoid
  • How to convince management to prioritise cybersecurity

Convince management to prioritise cybersecurity

Do you know how to proceed to secure the management's commitment? Here are some things you should bring with you to a presentation for the management team!


Stricter Protective Security Act - 3 things to consider

Read about the new, upcoming stricter Protective Security Act and the three most important things that the CISO needs to be aware of before the law enters into force!


6 important security risks you should be aware of

A CISO needs to be aware of a lot in order to avoid the vulnerabilities being exploited for a cyberattack. Here are the risks you need to be aware of!