New Data Diode Engine release out now!


The latest release of the Data Diode Engine, v1.1, includes a new service with support for MQTT, the standard for IoT messaging.

Data Diode Engine, v1.1, is available now!


Secure export of data over MQTT


The Data Diode Engine MQTT service ensures a secure extension of the MQTT publish and subscribe architecture over a data diode. The service enables devices located on a critical network to publish telemetry data for client subscribers located on a different network without exposing the critical network environment.


Read more about the new service in the technical documentation!


The Advenica Data Diode Engine


The Advenica Data Diode Engine is a standalone proxy software solution that enables efficient and secure data transfer through any ethernet-based data diode from Advenica. In combination with ready-to-use software services it enables use case specific network segmentation solutions for a variety of installation environments.


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