New product release!

We are launching the Advenica Data Diode Engine, an expansion of the data diode portfolio!

The Advenica Data Diode Engine is a stand-alone proxy software solution that enables efficient and secure data transfer through Ethernet-based data diodes.

The release of the Advenica Data Diode Engine initiates a software offering for the data diode portfolio. It will continue to expand with a growing library of data diode services and compatible hardware.


Implement domain specific solutions


The Advenica Data Diode Engine enables the creation of unidirectional network segmentation solutions using application-specific services. Use cases include for example:

  • Secure file transfer
  • Secure time import
  • Secure data extraction
  • Secure log export

Optimised ownership

The Advenica Data Diode Engine software can run on different types of hardware, independent from the data diode that provides the physical network segmentation. This introduces a flexibility in how a solution is designed, with regards to function, scalability and cost structure.

Secure by design 


We work with industry best practices for secure software as an integrated part of our development process. From design to delivery and throughout the life cycle of the product - all transparent to our customers.

Advenica data diodes - Persisting cybersecurity


A data diode is a network device which guarantees unidirectional data flow, achieving the protective characteristics of air-gap and at the same time enabling automation of data flow in the allowed direction. A data diode prevents export of classified data from a sensitive network while allowing import from a less secure network – ensuring confidentiality. It also allows export of data from a critical system while preventing any data import – ensuring integrity and availability.

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